Original Protein Therapy Formula is a unique and revolutionary treatment that can actually change your hair life its help smooth and seal hair, eliminate frizz and create a shiny, luxurious texture and straight the hair. Its innovative combination of keratin and other proteins, including caviar, cashmere, soy, wheat, silk, and rice, with amino acids plus collagen and argan oil which is make these formulas highly effective and very nourishing. with help of nanoparticles And must important thing its totally formaldehyde free and you can wash your hair at same day no need to wait 3 or 4 days.

With Original Protein Therapy Formula you will get straight & smooth healthy hair with 100% natural ingredients.


Vegetable protein – Vegetable protein absorbs more easily into the hair shaft [than animal protein] and does not create build-up, leaves the hair very shiny, radiant, luxuriant, and healthy.

Animal protein – Animal protein breaks down into fatty acids, which coat the hair and create residual build-up.

Keratin – 88% of human hair is made up of this natural protein (Keratin) which is responsible for keeping the hair strong and pliable. This is the strongest of the (hair product) proteins and is actually the one that hair is made from. This one re-structures hair that has been damaged or broken down by chemicals. It helps to replace the amino acid cysteine which is the main one lost during chemical processing. This is the heavy duty protein. If you see the following as an ingredient.

CAVIAR – (Growth enhancing, strengthening, increasing hair growth, shining) increased hair sheen, strength, and elasticity (Key to preventing breakage and realizing hair growth bc its rich with omega 3 and promotes healthy keratin formation).

CASHMERE – Makes hair smooth to achieve easy blow styling and better manageability of damaged hair.

SILK – Silk Protein, hydrolyzed will add luster, body, and manageability and softening the hair.

WHEAT – A moisturizing and strengthening protein. Known for increasing the hair’s ability to maintain & receive moisture also.

SOY – Enhances hair manageability, improves the body and texture of hair, improves feel and dry comb properties, contains cystine for hair strenthening and nourishment.

RICE – Low molecular weight penetrates the hair shaft to rebuild and strengthen damaged hair. Rice protein strengthens and expands the diameter of the hair shaft to create a noticeably thicker, more luxurious look.

Collagen – For increasing elasticity in the hair adds body, resiliency, shine, and manageability as well as reduced static charge also provides moisturizing benefits. Used to strengthen hair structure. It is the primary element for hair elasticity.

 Argan oil – It gives new life to dry, tangled and flyaway hair make hair stronger and healthy looking.

 Amino acids – Amino acids play central roles both as building blocks of proteins and as intermediates in metabolism. The 20 amino acids that are found within proteins convey a vast array of chemical versatility. The precise amino acid content, and the sequence of those amino acids, of a specific protein.


 The Original Protein Therapy is available in 32 oz & 16 oz for professional use only.

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- The New Hair Vitamin, renew and restore hair in one single step.

- Enrich with proteins, oils, vitamins and gold power.

- With the power to renew your hair completely.

- Now you can safely achieve in one day straight, silky, smooth hair.

- This miraculous product is suitable for customers of all ages and all hair types.

- Use your new gold protein which will deliver shine, texture and integrity to your hair, just like gold.


NANO GOLD PROTEIN THERAPY available in one size 16 oz for professional use only - barcode 0812816018298




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