Nano gold hair botox

The New Hair vitamin ,renew and restore hair in one single step.

Enrich with proteins,oils ,vitamins and Gold powder
with power to renew your Hair completely
Now you can Safely achieve in one day straight ,silky , smooth hair
This miraculous product is suitable for customers of all ages
And all hair types
Use your new gold protein which will deliver shine ,
texture and integrity To your hair , just like gold


Nano gold protein therapy available in one size 16 oz for professional use only - barcode 0812816018298




Protein therapys is a unique and revolutionary treatment that can actually change your hair life its help smooth and seal hair, eliminate frizz and create a shiny, luxurious texture and straight the hair. Its innovative combination of keratin and other proteins, including caviar , cashmere, soy, wheat, silk, and rice, with amino acids plus collagen and argan oil which is make these formulas highly effective and very nourishing. with help of nanoparticles And must important thing its totally formaldehyde free